Use Bitcoin on any phone

Machankura allows you to send and receive sats to your phone number

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Receive Bitcoin

Every registered user can send and receive Bitcoin to their phone number from other Machankura users or to their machankura lightning address.

Users can set a username to not need to publicly share their phone number to receive Bitcoin.

Redeem Bitcoin

You can redeem Azteco Vouchers directly into your Machankura wallet

Users without internet connected devices can redeem Bitcoin from Azteco even when they are not in a position to visit the website. Users just need to dial the USSD and append the Azteco Voucher “reference code” found at the bottom of the voucher.

Send Bitcoin

Easily send sats to any other supported lightning address, phone number or Machankura user.

Barter Bitcoin

Barter your Bitcoin for goods and services through wonderful services like Bitrefill and Lightning Watts (by Crypto Convert).

Foster Your Clan

Machankura Clans give you the ability to send and receive Bitcoin as a group.

Sending Bitcoin requires approval from the members/admins. With the added option to equally distribute the balance to all members.

Each clan can have a approval policy for each action/spend on the clan.